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Payot PAYOT Clarté Lightening Cleansing Gel 200ml

Subcategory: Depigmenting Care
Skin Type: Absolute Pure White
Packing: Tube
Size: 200ml
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Mousse Clarté

Lightening cleansing gel

The essential step for deep-cleansing the skin and removing all traces of make-up. Thanks to its fresh, light texture that becomes an airy-light foam on contact with water, this subtly-scented gel helps restore a clear, even and transparent complexion.

  • Saxifrage Extract: known for its anti-free radical properties, it also has clarifying properties for an even complexion.
  • Vitamin C is used to inhibit the production of melanin pigments, thus helping to brighten the skin. It contributes to collagen synthesis, a process that can slow down skin-ageing.
  • A natural constituent of the dermis, Hyaluronic Acid plays a vital role skin hydration. It ensures long-lasting moisture, which makes it essential in the skin regeneration process.

Morning and night, emulsify a bead of gel with water and gently apply to the face. Rinse thoroughly. Complete cleansing and prepare the skin for care with Lotion Clarté.

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