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Payot PAYOT Pâte Grise Purifying Care 15ml

Subcategory: Anti- Blemish Care
Skin Type: Dr Payot Solutions
Packing: Jar
Size: 15ml
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Purifying care

This secret formula by Dr Payot works while you sleep to accelerate the maturation of minor sub- cutaneous spots and make them disappear from the very next morning! Calming sweet almond relieves the skin and locally soothes sensitised areas. The double shale extract regulates sebaceous secretions and encourages the disappearance of regular minor spots.

Due to their anti-seborrheic nature, schist extractsactivate the maturing process of blemishes whilst neutralizing bacteria. Talcum absorbs impurities. 

Pâte Grise is the ideal treatment to conceal and eliminate blemishes whilst rapidly bringing imperfections to a head.  

  • Formulated to minimise the risk of skin and allergic reactions, 
  • Helps to banish regular or occasional minor spots beneath skin.  
  • Stimulates the maturation of minor sub-cutaneous spots during sleep
  • Makes spots disappear from the very next morning.  
  • Enriched with calming sweet almond to soothe sensitive skin

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